Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Well, at least we know how he got his nickname

Mass Gov. Ham Hands "Mitt" Romney honors MLK, Jr. yesterday morning:

Governor’s remarks irk King crowd: Romney rips into teachers unions at tribute breakfast

Mitt Romney, who invoked the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King while blasting teachers unions for blocking education reform efforts, drew jeers yesterday at Boston’s annual breakfast honoring the slain civil rights leader.

Romney, who said the persistent achievement gap between white and minority students is the biggest civil rights issue facing citizens, called for minority leaders to back his education reform package, which includes lifting the cap on charter schools.

“Sad to say that the teachers union and their supporters will fight these answers with every tool they have,” Romney said to the largely black crowd of roughly 1,000 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

“They will distort and deprive, they will torture and twist, but don’t forget, to them, it’s first about compensation and jobs. To you, it’s about kids and their future,” he said.

Romney’s comments were met with both loud boos and polite applause. Other speakers, including Attorney General Tom Reilly and Mayor Thomas M. Menino, were met with enthusiastic applause.

Boston Teachers Union President Richard Stutman, who was in the audience, said Romney’s comments were divisive and inappropriate at an event honoring a man who stood for unity.

“I think it’s the ultimate hypocrisy to invoke the name of Dr. Martin Luther King and criticize teachers unions in the same breath,” Stutman said.
Gee, sounds like he might be running for something.


Blogger Brenda said...

Yes, but think of all of the poor Black kids who will miss out on getting a quality education at a private Charter school. How can Romney's opponents be so shortsighted?

6:44 PM  

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