Sunday, January 22, 2006

Well, at least the transcriptionist has some sense

Hadn't noticed this error in the Press the Meat transcript when I posted it earlier:

The specific problem of inviting lobbyists in who have bundled huge sums of money to write legislation, having the oil and gas company companies come in to write energy legislation, having drug companies come in and write the Medicare prescription drug bill—which we now see is not working for our seniors—those are very particular problems of this administration and this Congress. And I think Jack Abramoff and the Case Freak Project, that whole thing is a very particular Republican sin.
I'm pretty sure Barack said "the K Street Project," but I like this version more. The transcriptionist (or machine?) is more willing to call bullshit than the senator. Sad.


Blogger Brad said...

You get bonus points just for the phrase, "Press the Meat"...


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