Thursday, January 12, 2006

Uh oh

I don't know how many more of those wonderful corners our military can bear to turn:

U.S. Military Predicts That Violence in Iraq Will Increase As Results From Election Are Released

The U.S. military predicted Thursday that violence would increase around Iraq as final results from last month's elections are released and political groups forge ahead with forming a new government.

Meanwhile, one of Iraq's top Sunni Arabs rejected a Shiite politician's declaration that there would be no substantive changes to the country's new constitution, calling that a divisive stance.

Brig. Gen. Donald Alston, spokesman for the U.S.-led coalition force, said a series of "horrific attacks" that killed at least 500 people since the Dec. 15 elections were an indication that insurgents were trying to take the opportunity of the transition to a new government to destabilize the democratic process.

"As democracy advances in the form of election results and government formation, and as the military pressure continues, and the pressure generated by political progress increases, we expect more violence across Iraq," he said at a news briefing.
Alston said that as a new government starts coming together, "those committed to seeing democracy fail will see this time of transition as an opportunity to attack the innocent people of Iraq."

He said the recent attacks were part of an "attempt to discredit and derail the progress of the Iraqi people"
All the attacks, Alston said, had an aim "to incite fear and create doubt in the people of Iraq in an attempt to suffocate progress toward a better future for Iraq."

He added that "many innocent Iraqis were undeniably targeted by terrorists. The increase in attacks across Iraq this past week clearly indicates that al-Qaida and others terrorists still have the capability to surge."

Alston denied allegations by leading Shiite politicians that the United States had restricted the ability of Iraqi security forces to deal with insurgents.
Alston said al-Zarqawi's bloody tactics were alienating him from the homegrown insurgency.

"We have not seen sustained collaboration between Zarqawi's elements and other elements in Iraq. We have seen occasional marriages of convenience for limited objectives," Alston said. "But Zarqawi has fewer and fewer friends in Iraq."

Alston said that al-Zarqawi's targeting of civilians was turning "the people of Iraq against his cause."

Are these talking points printed on the toilet paper at the Pentagon or something? Seems so, because they don't even bother trying to vary the soundbites everytime they put this bullshit story out. What a sick fucking joke.


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