Thursday, January 05, 2006

N.Y. Governor's Speech Looks Beyond State

Gov. George Pataki, considering a possible run for president in 2008, used his final State of the State address Wednesday to push for tax cuts, business incentives and more use of renewable energy sources such as wind power and ethanol.

"Let's aim high, let's have the courage and foresight to envision the ideal that should shape our actions here in Albany," the lame-duck Republican governor said.

Pataki, who took office in 1995, is not seeking a fourth, four-year term this year. He is considering a bid for the White House in 2008, though he did not mention that in his address and told The Associated Press in an interview before the speech that it was not aimed at a national audience.

The address was peppered with Republican-friendly language but a veteran GOP strategist said it did little to raise Pataki's profile within the party.

"He's such an insignificant player on the national stage, a plodding speech praising JFK and discovering tax cuts won't do much to enhance his stature," said Nelson Warfield, who helped run Robert Dole's unsuccessful 1996 presidential campaign.

I can't imagine anyone going for Gov. Dynamo either after his Alfalfaesque appearance at the GOP convention last year--remember this?--
Gov. George Pataki

--but give him credit, at least he knows when he's worn out his welcome.


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