Thursday, January 05, 2006

A Lousy Day in D.C.

Doug Mills/ The New York Times

An impressive photo, except, of course, for President Stalin McDraftdodger inserting himself into it--the effect is sort of what you'd get if you photoshopped Lawrence Welk into A Great Day in Harlem.

Although judging from the Times report, a photo-op may have been all that Chimpy wanted to get out of the meeting:

But if it was a bipartisan consultation, as advertised by the White House, it was a brief one. Mr. Bush allowed 5 to 10 minutes this morning for interchange with the group - which included three veterans of another difficult war, the one in Vietnam: Robert S. McNamara, Melvin R. Laird and James R. Schlesinger. Then the entire group was herded the Oval Office for what he called a "family picture."
I guess listening to very smart people who know you're a messianic boob is hard work.


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