Friday, January 06, 2006

Here, Bullet a collection of poems by Brian Turner--or, I should say, Sergeant T, who spent a little time in Iraq at the behest of George I. I missed the release publicity but caught a follow-up story on the radio, and bought the book. Powerful stuff.

But this is all an act of the imagination,
a means of dealing with the obscenity
of war, what loss there is, the inconsolable
grief, the fact that Thalia Fields is gone,
long gone, about as far from Mississippi
as she can get, 10,000 feet above Iraq
with a blanket draped over her body
and an exhausted surgeon in tears,
his bloodied hands on her chest, his head
sunk down, the nurse guiding him
to a nearby seat and holding him as he cries,
though no one hears it, because nothing can be heard
where pilots fly in black-out, the plane
like a shadow guiding the rain, here
in the droning engines of midnight.

--From AB Negative (The Surgeon's Poem)


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