Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Devil's Advocates

Atrios linked to a funny (?) piece about Jesse Malkin getting all zany over at Malkin(s) Watch, a new blog for me. I dunno how those intrepid bloggers bring themselves to click on Michelle every single day...HAZMAT suits must be de rigueur over there. Me, I try to avoid her as much as possible.

Michelle, of course, is one of Oberlin College's most infamous alums. But I hadn't known that her husband was an Obie, too, which raises all sorts of troubling possibilities. I had always assumed that Michelle's lone-voice-of-reactionary-truth-in-the-evil-liberal-forest while in college was simply the manifestation of a personality disorder. I mean, why would someone with her views (a) enroll at Oberlin in the first place, (b) be shocked by what she found there and then (c) decide to stay all four years? Nasty combination of oppositional defiance and victimhood. But finding out her like-minded husband-to-be was there at the same time....brrr. I'm thinkin' Satanic plot...


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