Friday, October 14, 2005

Republican National Committee debuts online news program

The Republican National Committee today unveiled a new interactive Web-based news program entitled "In The Know," seeking to shore up support for Bush court nominee Harriet Miers and efforts to reach out to minority voters, RAW STORY has learned.

"In the Know" mimics a CNN-style news program. An olive-suited auburn-haired anchor sits in front of an ghosted capitol and two active LCD screens.

"Each edition of In The Know and all of will keep you connected to President Bush," she says. To view the program, go to

The show begins with a segment lauding John Roberts, President Bush's recently appointed Chief Justice to the Supreme Court. It follows with praise for his second embattled nominee, Harriet Miers.

Sen. John Roberts receives warm support from Sen. John Warner, a Virginia Republican who has recently tangled with the White House over a defense bill. Warner broke with the White House to support a measure prohibiting torture.

Former RNC chairman Ed Gillespie, listed as a "special advisor," says Roberts will "not make up new laws from his seat on the bench."

Harriet Miers also receives cheers.

The anchor says Miers' "long and distinguished career...makes her exceptionally well qualified to serve on the Supreme Court," and says Bush "consulted with 70 senators to appoint a highly-qualified individual." She then calls on Americans to support Miers by calling their senators.

"Now, turning to politcal news in the Capitol..."

news photo

"Gee, Bob, we're having some technical difficulties bringing you that report. In business news today..."

Image: Frist

"Well, I guess we can just say it's a pretty slow news day. Turning to news from the states..."

"Oh, fuck it."


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