Saturday, October 01, 2005

Please don't eat me, Mr. Blogger...

The Queen of All Iraq exacerbates the global warming problem after her date with Mr. Fitzgerald:

FRANKEN: Scooter's lawyer has said that, had you asked, you wouldn't have had to spend any time in jail. He would have been more than willing to give you the explicit waiver you say you now accepted.

MILLER: I was not a party to those discussions. I'm going to let you refer those questions to my lawyer. I can only tell you that as soon as I received a personal assurance from the source that I was able to talk to him and talk to the source about my testimony, it was only then and as a result of the special prosecutors' agreement to narrow the focus of the inquiry, to focus on that source, that I was able to testify.

I testified as soon as I could. And I will ask you to please address the questions to which I was not a party to my lawyers.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: But Judy, a conversation you were a party to, on the steps of this courthouse, when you and Matt faced contemptive court charges, you said out here when Matt was asked the same question, your answer was different. You said no waiver would be acceptable.

MILLER: No, I said I had not received a personal explicit voluntary waiver from my source, what I considered that. That was my position, and I said it many times. I said it before I went to jail. I said it when I was in jail.
When Lil' Scottie McClellan finally has his massive coronary after declining to comment on one of the many "ongoing investigations" for the 19,730th time, Judy should be able to step into his job without missing a beat.

Update: Whilst catching up on my reading, I saw that Digby had (of course) beaten me to the draw on the Miller-McClellan Doppelgangerism. He also linked to this at firedoglake, an interesting if pretty speculative discussion on why Judy stopped swallowing and started spitting just now.


Blogger Bill Arnett said...

There is one thing it is possible that the wingnuts and Bushco staffers may not be aware of - the fact that authorities can legally bug visiting rooms, monitor all phone calls, and open and read all mail. There is no expectation of privacy in a jail, period.

I read that Judy, Judy, Judy had at least 100 visitors, most of them Bushco staff and toadies, and it is my fervent prayer that every word of their visits were monitored, reviewed, and lead into other investigations of the most corrupt administration ever that was supported by the most corrupt newspaper and reporters at the NYT.

12:25 PM  

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