Friday, August 19, 2005

Opportunity knocks


Congressman Charles "Joe" Scarborough Divorce Contents Page

Below are various links to some of Congressman Joe Scarborough's actual divorce papers. Congressman Joe Scarborough is a member of the U.S. House of Representatives and a member of The Florida Bar. In Florida, these documents are a part of the public record. Congressman Joe Scarborough's county of residence is Escambia County. Even so, he filed his uncontested divorce case in Walton County, which is allowed by state law and not unusual.
In examining the file, it was discovered that his attorney as well as his wife's attorney failed to file the required Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act Declaration (UCCJA) and the Notice of Social Security Number. Also, the Court failed to insist upon these documents being filed, which are required of others filing for divorce pursuant to state law. These are serious omissions in a divorce case.
If only Joe and Melanie had sought out Able Legal Forms Company first. If so, their forms package would have been 100 percent complete, neither party would have been required to attend a final hearing, Joe would have paid less than one-tenth of what he had to pay his and Melanie's lawyer, including court fees, and the validity of their divorce would not be in question.
Hey, Mr. Able--why stop with do-it-yourself divorce packages? With all those nolo pleas, federal seizures of assets and FEC-related charges going down, it's definitely time to expand the product line. I leave it to you to identify your core customers, but the example above suggests that you're clearly on the right track.


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