Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Musical notes

...because if I try commenting on events of the day like, oh, this, this or this, I'm going to end up naked on a roof somewhere with a deer rifle.

Robert Moog dies at age seventy-one. OK, OK, in retrospect maybe the best thing about Emerson, Lake and Palmer's Works was that the album jacket provided a great platform for deseeding one's stash. But we can't very well shoot the piano maker, can we? Thanks for the great toys, Mr. Moog, and Godspeed.

There Are People Out There with Bad Intentions. Had my first encounter with Leisure Class courtesy of NPR today--a long defunct band that is just now getting its shit together to put out a two-CD compilation. A very, um, eclectic group of folks who...well, go to their website or the feature at NPR and have a listen. Possibly the only band ever that could have successfully covered Was/Not Was's Hello Dad? I'm in jail...


Blogger bluememe said...

I was trying to figure out how to properly acknowledge Moog. The Walter/Wendy Carlos stuff is wretched 30 years later. And yeah, some of the ELP stuff sounds... ok, dated. But Bob's tools did allow a little bit of life in electronic sounds, even if most musicians didn't know how to find it. And, acoustic musician that I am, I still see value in the increased spectrum of sound he brought us.

And dammnit, I like Karn Evil 9.

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