Saturday, May 21, 2005

"...character is formed and shaped in institutions like family..."

The Boy King earlier today at commencement exercises for Calvin College:

At Calvin College, you take this call to service to heart. You serve as "agents of renewal" across the Earth. You volunteer for Big Brothers/Big Sisters to mentor young people. You work at Bethany Christian Services here in Grand Rapids, one of the best-known adoption services in America. A former Calvin student and professor, Vern Ehlers, serves in the halls of Congress. As the Class of 2005 goes out into the world, I ask you to embrace this tradition of service and help set an example for all Americans. As Americans we share an agenda that calls us to action -- a great responsibility to serve and love others, a responsibility that goes back to the greatest commandment.

Of course, some of us respond to the call to action by serving one citizen at a time:

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And is notJenna fighting AIDS in Africa yet?

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Anonymous Karl Olson said...

Can you provide info on the Bushisgay pic?

Which service academy? When?


2:12 AM  

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