Friday, April 22, 2005

Breaking liberal-Catholic hearts

From today's Providence Journal:

"Catholic liberals, despite their rather high average level of education, have never understood what kind of religion they belong to -- a profoundly conservative religion, and one whose conservatism is not merely the byproduct of its being led by a gang of old men who never married; rather, its conservatism is of its very essence.

For better or for worse, Catholicism is a backward-looking religion, not a forward-looking one, since its legitimacy rests on its claim to be the custodian of the teachings of Jesus Christ and his Apostles. A religion of that kind is simply incapable of adopting a 'progressive' agenda."

A good, succinct piece looking at just how reactionary Ratzinger is, and how his particular selection really doesn't make much difference in the broader scheme of things. Worth a read.


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