Friday, April 29, 2005

Apparent Accidental Shooting Leaves One Dead, One Injured

"Osceola County deputies say they've finally gotten to the bottom of a bizarre double shooting that left one person dead. Deputies say one man managed to pull the trigger twice, shooting a friend and killing himself and they say it was all just a terrible accident, a combination of bad judgment and even worse luck.

The bizarre accident happened just after two in the morning early Wednesday. Investigators say four friends, including one teenaged runaway, were driving along Nova Road near Holopaw.

One man, in his 20s, was sitting in the right rear seat playing with a handgun, when it suddenly went off. The bullet passed through the seat in front of him and hit a 21-year-old woman in the back.

'The driver of the car pulled over to check on the lady sitting beside him and the man who fired the shot got out of the backseat of the car,' explained Rivers. That's when, detectives say, he accidentally shot himself in the upper thigh, severing an artery and dying almost immediately."

Very difficult to Stand Your Ground when you shoot yourself in the leg. This may seem "bizarre" now, but look for lots more stories like this in the very near future.


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