Thursday, February 17, 2005

Democrats make moves behind the scenes as reporter-prostitute story hits Washington Post

"Democratic congressmembers are quietly mulling whether to respond to an article in the Washington Post which raises serious questions of how a man who sought to prostitute himself got access to the president, and potentially to a confidential memorandum naming a CIA agent, RAW STORY has learned.

In both the House and the Senate, Democrats are struggling to figure out how best to deal with the issue. No one is touching the sexual elements of the story; rather, the focus is placed on what Democrats see as a continued campaign of media manipulation that involved such columnists as Armstrong Williams.
In the House, where Democrats have been aggressively pursuing an inquiry into the discredited reporter, members are still looking at how to respond. The office of the congresswoman leading the charge for an inquiry said that other member’s offices are quietly expressing support.

Others expressed frustration with the Post piece. One senior House aide told RAW STORY he appreciated the story, but felt it still didn’t do it justice.

'To me, the really amazing thing is that you know have the clear record of a guy who was a fake reporter from a fake news organization asking fake questions at a presidential press conference with a very questionable pass, and the best the mainstream media can do is an article in the C-section of the Washington Post,' the aide said."

My, but this story is developing slowly, isn't it? Nothing like a photo montage of a guy with a stiffie to stop Beltway insiders dead in their tracks...

I was annoyed by the early stories suggesting that the Dems were less likely to take on Gannongate because of the sex angle. But this tactic is fine. Indeed, I can think of nothing more enjoyably surreal than watching a bunch of senators question witnesses about minutiae such as press pass forms filled out in triplicate, while everyone in the hearing room is actually thinking "eight inches cut."

And oh, Mr. Senior House Aide? This story only goes to the A section of the WaPo if you guys get off your asses and put it there.


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