Friday, February 18, 2005

Consent bill would tighten abortion restrictions

Via the Dallas Morning News:

"AUSTIN – A newly unveiled House bill would make it much tougher for pregnant minors to get an abortion and would impose criminal charges against parents or anyone else who pushes the child to terminate her pregnancy.

Current Texas law requires a minor to notify a parent of her intent to get an abortion. If the potential for abuse exists, then she can ask a court to allow her to have an abortion and bypass the parental notification.

Under the proposed law by Rep. Phil King, R-Weatherford, a minor would have to get a parent to sign an affidavit of consent.

The bill, filed Thursday in the State Affairs Committee, also provides a potential misdemeanor jail term for doctors who disregard the law. Conversely, the bill says that an adult who tries to coerce a child to have an abortion is subject to a felony charge. Coercion ranges from a threat to inflict bodily injury to exposing 'a person to hatred, contempt or ridicule.'

Joe Pojman, director of the Texas Alliance for Life, said the bill protects both a parent's right to approve medical procedures performed on an underage daughter and a girl who wants to have her baby.

'If she gets the consent of a parent, then the doctor cannot provide the abortion unless she consents herself,' Mr. Pojman said.

'And that consent cannot be coerced, meaning a parent cannot drag a child into an abortion clinic and force her to have an abortion against her will,' he said. 'That would be a serious offense under Texas law."'

The Perfect Logic of Jesusland: a minor is not competent to decide to have an abortion, but she is competent to decide not to have one. The proposed law also raises the bar for a minor to avoid parental consent, and strips away current provisions to protect confidentiality in court proceedings. Let's hope the Morning News's spring fashion supplement includes tips on what to wear to the New Shotgun Wedding.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope these f****rs will adopt all these unwanted babies.

I hope that women who have had extramarital relations with Republicans and had abortions due to unwanted pregnancies come forward to point out the hypocracies of the a**holes. I am quite sure there are some out there.

12:35 AM  

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