Friday, February 11, 2005


For whatever reason, E&P has seen fit to engage Jeff Gannongate in a "wide ranging interview," by which they seem to mean that they're giving bullethead the opportunity to bloviate ad nauseum, unchallenged by any facts that contradict his narrative.

Anyways, here was my favorite passage:

"Although Press Secretary Scott McClellan and others at the White House knew that Gannon was not his real name, they always referred to him by that name, he said in the interview. 'My professional name is Jeff Gannon, and that is what people called me,' he explained. 'It is like Kirk Douglas; they do not refer to him when they meet him by his real name.' Guckert, who said he was 47 years old, had never been married, and has no children, revealed that he'd used the Gannon name since 2001 and vowed to keep using it."

Kirk Douglas? The one that starred in Spartacus? Of all the names to pull out of your hat....Maybe he'd be interested in getting together with General J.C. Christian to watch a few selections from the General's extensive collection of gladiator movies.


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