Friday, January 14, 2005

Zephyr indeed

A rough definition of the name "Zephyr" is a soft breeze, which, in Zephyr Teachout's case, is really pretty ironic, since she's largely pseudosophisticated bluster. In scrolling through her thoughts about Kos, et al's relationships with the Dean campaign last year, she comes across at various turns as politically savvy, naive, and annoyingly coy, all of which undercut her assertions that the teapot tempest she's cooked up is about creating an honest dialogue. One need look no further than her assertion that she was under the impression that Zonkette (on Blogspot) was a "private" site to get a measure of her credibility; she's either too clever or too stupid by half to deserve any.

This could be hopeless naivete at work, although it's very, very difficult to not conclude that this is mostly about creating buzz and playing with the Big Boys--say whatever you will about her; just spell her name correctly.

No link to Zonkette--don't waste your time. Atrios has a good summary and comment on the matter, and Kos responds here.


Blogger bluememe said...

This story has become a horror. I have a feeling that this was sitting in the right's quiver for months, to be trotted out when some ethical lapse would require the cover of a cloud of squid ink so the perp could get away. To mix a few metaphors.

2:43 PM  

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