Monday, January 10, 2005

You probably shouldn't become a WFAN listener, big guy

Big Unit Clashes With NYC Cameraman

"NEW YORK (AP) -- Randy Johnson got a little physical on the way to his New York Yankees physical. The Big Unit got into a confrontation on a Manhattan sidewalk with a television cameraman Monday, then apologized in a statement released later in the day.


Johnson got a taste Monday of how much attention star ballplayers can attract in New York. Walking along a Manhattan avenue, he put his long right arm up to block a camera from WCBS-TV after he left his Manhattan hotel.

Johnson, who was accompanied by Yankees director of team security Jerry Laveroni, made contact with the camera, station spokeswoman Audrey Pass said.

'Get out of my face, that's all I ask,' Johnson said, according to a video of what occurred, which was posted on the station's Web site.

'No cameras,'' Laveroni said.

'Don't get in my face,' Johnson then said. 'I don't care who you are. Don't get in my face.'

'I'm just taking a picture,' said the cameraman, identified by the station as Vinny Everett.

Responded Johnson: 'Don't get in my face, and don't talk back to me, all right.'"

It should be acknowledged that Johnson later issued a written apology, noting that he's been a little overwhelmed in recent days. One can imagine that having to sit by while your agent negotiates a $32 million dollar contract extension must be enormously stressful.

But he would do well to learn, and to learn quickly, that the NYC media is full of guys like Vinny who feel their first responsibility as journalists is to "get in his face."


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