Monday, January 10, 2005

Supreme Court Sidesteps Gay Adoption Case

"WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Supreme Court steered clear of a dispute over gay adoptions on Monday, energizing conservatives who want other states to copy Florida's one-of-a-kind ban on gays adopting children.

Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has maintained that the children, often products of troubled and unstable backgrounds, should have a father and a mother.
Florida's attorney, Casey Walker, told the Supreme Court, 'It is rational to believe that children need male and female influences to develop optimally, particularly in the areas of sexual and gender identity, and heterosexual role modeling.'
The Florida appeal was filed by a group of gay men, including a father who has had the same foster children for 17 years. Florida allows gays to be foster parents."

The logical fallacies and internal contradictions on this one double back so much it's hard to tease'em all out. But let's be clear: gay couples can't adopt kids coming from unstable backgrounds, which almost certainly involved heterosexual parents and/or single-parent homes; and gay couples can't adopt kids, but are at liberty to deprive them of "heterosexual role modeling" as foster parents for seventeen years.


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