Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Condi's got Joementum!

``Brave men and women of color like Dr. Rice have, working with others, changed our nation. And now she can, and I believe will, help lead our nation to change the world and in doing so, to advance our values and protect our security for our children and grandchildren as well.'' - Sen. Joe Lieberman, D-Conn.

The old axiom in shrink school is that nothing predicts future behavior like past behavior. In the Curious Case of the Good Dr. Rice, we have a principal security advisor to the Narcissistic Dry Drunk in Chief who was disinterested in terror prior to 9/11; who disdained the recommendations of those more knowledgable to the effect that she had better get interested in it; who participated in planning and really participated in selling the American people on an Iraqi war that was a collosal fraud; who has repeatedly backpedaled and shifted ground on the 31 flavors of reasons offered for invading Iraq in the first place; and who repeatedly declined to find anything wrong with any of this during her recent confirmation hearings.

So what the hell was Old Unca Joe thinking here? Does he have a shred of evidence to suggest that she will be capable of or interested in doing anything except more of the same as Secretary of State? This comment could only have been put forth by the sort of putz who would characterize a fifth place finish in a primary election held adjacent to his home state as "a virtual tie for third." What a disgrace.


Blogger bluememe said...

You know how we used to swap captured spies with the Soviets? Maybe we could trade Joe for Linc Chafee, Olympia Snowe.

9:43 PM  

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