Friday, December 24, 2004

Whiny, obstructionist Republicans

GOP May Challenge Wash. Governor Recount

"SEATTLE (AP) -- In what may be their last hope of reclaiming an evaporated lead in the Washington governor's race before turning to the courts, Republicans have asked county auditors statewide to reconsider ballots that were rejected on Election Day.

With the counting and re-counting finally exhausted Thursday, Democrat Christine Gregoire emerged as the victor by a mere 130 votes. The final tally: 1,373,171 votes for Gregoire; 1,373,041 for Republican Dino Rossi.

But Republicans have vowed to leave no stone unturned in the breathtakingly close race that has dragged on for nearly two months.

'I know many Washingtonians are hoping this will end soon, but I'm also sure that people across this state want a clean election and a legitimate governor-elect,' Rossi said after the final tally from a grueling hand count was announced Thursday. 'At this point, we have neither.'"

In the Republican universe, the only clean elections are the ones that they win.


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