Friday, December 03, 2004

Russia's Putin Calls U.S. Policy 'Dictatorial'

"Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the United States on Friday of pursuing a dictatorial foreign policy and said mounting violence could derail progress toward bringing peace and democracy to Iraq.

Putin also criticized the West for setting double-standards on terrorism, pursuing Islamic fundamentalists in Afghanistan and Iraq while giving refuge to 'terrorists' demanding Chechnya's independence from Russia.

The Kremlin leader's tough remarks came on a visit to former Cold War ally India, where he and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh issued a joint call for greater cooperation in stabilizing and rebuilding Iraq.

Unilateralism increased risks that weapons of mass destruction might fall into the hands of terrorists, and would stoke regional conflicts, Putin said in a hard-hitting speech to an invited audience.

'Even if dictatorship is packaged in beautiful pseudo-democratic phraseology, it will not be able to solve systemic problems,' Putin said. 'It may even make them worse.'

Putin did not name the United States, but clearly had the administration of President Bush in mind when he said policies 'based on the barrack-room principles of a unipolar world appear to be extremely dangerous.'"

Google "Bush Putin" sometime, and you'll find that there's no shortage of pundits suggesting that the Boy King was either painfully naive or hallucinating when he looked into Vlad's eyes and thought he saw a soul. I'm more taken by the comments of those who argue that George was moved to wax poetic because when he looked at Putin, he saw his doppelganger. Putin's more than a match for George and promises to make his life miserable over the next few years, but this is indeed the sort of man that George can do business with: authoritarian, ruthless, and given over to valuing allies only to the extent that they can be exploited in some way. I've no doubt that George must long for the superficial simplicity of a cold-war presidency at times: geopolitics as a game of Risk with just a few principals, all easily categorized as "good" or "evil."


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