Monday, December 13, 2004

Oh, please

If you haven't been by already and haven't eaten in the last hour or so, click to get a dose of Bill Donahue's latest sliming of America last week on Scarborough. A sampler:

"BUCHANAN: Bill Donahue, what do you think about “The Passion of the Christ”? And as a practical matter, even if Hollywood hated the film, it seems to me as an artistic work of art, a smashing triumph, a film of great controversy and interest, it ought to at least be nominated for best picture. It pulled in more money than any other picture all year.

WILLIAM DONAHUE, PRESIDENT, CATHOLIC LEAGUE: I spoke to Mel a couple of weeks ago about this. And I don‘t think it really matters a whole lot to him. It certainly doesn‘t matter to me. We‘ve already won.

Who really cares what Hollywood thinks? All these hacks come out there. Hollywood is controlled by secular Jews who hate Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular. It‘s not a secret, OK? And I‘m not afraid to say it. That‘s why they hate this movie. It‘s about Jesus Christ, and it‘s about truth. It‘s about the messiah.

Hollywood likes anal sex. They like to see the public square without nativity scenes. I like families. I like children. They like abortions. I believe in traditional values and restraint. They believe in libertinism. We have nothing in common. But you know what? The culture war has been ongoing for a long time. Their side has lost.

You have got secular Jews. You have got embittered ex-Catholics, including a lot of ex-Catholic priests who hate the Catholic Church, wacko Protestants in the same group, and these people are in the margins. Frankly, Michael Moore represents a cult movie. Mel Gibson represents the mainstream of America. "

And the level of dialogue actually deteriorates from there.

Over at AmericaBlog, John does a great job of bitchslapping Donahue for his virulent anti-Semitism, which in the New America need not be disavowed or cloaked in any code words.

But my personal favorite was the point at which Buchanan and Donahue agree that the chaste denizens of the Holy Red States will be so morbidly offended by all this Christian bashing that they're going to revolt against Evil Hollywood and Michael Moore, Prince of Darkness. Which red states are these bozos talking about, anyways? Would it be Nevada, Arkansas or Oklahoma, who have the highest divorce rates in the country (22 of the top 25 positions go to red states)? Or Mississippi, Texas and New Mexico, who get the gold, silver and bronze, respectively, for teen parent rates (22 of 25 to the reds again)? Or maybe they mean Florida, South Carolina and New Mexico, recent prizewinners for highest violent crime rates per capita?

Which ones, Pat? And what can Blue-staters do to get this bunch of hypocrites running away from us even faster?


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