Wednesday, December 29, 2004

More ammunition for tort reformers

Navy SEALs Sue AP Over Iraq Prison Photos

"LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Six members of a Navy special forces unit and two Navy wives sued The Associated Press on Tuesday, saying the news agency endangered the servicemen's lives and invaded their privacy by publishing photos showing the men interacting with Iraqi prisoners.

The lawsuit says the agency erred by not obscuring the identity of the six SEALs in photos that accompanied a story distributed worldwide earlier this month, contending publication of the photos jeopardizes future covert operations and harms the servicemen's careers.


The story was written by San Diego reporter Seth Hettena, who is named as a defendant. The story did not name the Navy members or the wife who posted the photos on what she believed was a private Web site.


The lawsuit, filed in San Diego County Superior Court, states that Hettena took the photos from a Navy wife's "personal digital photo album without notice or permission." It says that the woman, identified only as "Jane Doe," believed the nearly 1,800 photos she posted on the Internet site were protected from access by unauthorized users and required a password to view.

The initial AP story, transmitted Dec. 3, noted that the photos were found on the commercial photo-sharing Web site using the search engine Google, and were not password-protected until after the reporter purchased copies online and began inquiries."

The possibilities for careers in covert ops must be limitless for guys who can't resist mugging for the cameras after a catch and then posting the photos on anything with the prefix "www." Up next: six members of the Big Red One sue KBR after being burned by spilled coffee served in cups that did not explicitly state "Caution: The beverage you're about to enjoy is extremely hot!"


Blogger bluememe said...

To quote the Preznit, circa 2000: "My job will be to usher in the responsibility era, a culture that will stand in stark contrast to the last few decades, which has clearly said to America: 'If it feels good, do it, and if you've got a problem blame somebody else.' "

Mission Accomplished, putz.

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