Monday, December 13, 2004

Lil' Tommy gets righteous

Friedman in yesterday's Times:

"Hey, look, I have no idea what sort of government the Iraqis might elect. I believe it's their first step in a thousand-mile journey to make that country something halfway decent and normal. But I do know this: There are a lot of Iraqis who would really like the chance to vote on their future, just once, and there is a virulent minority that is butchering people there just so they can never have that chance. Yes, the Bush team's incompetence in securing Iraq is a travesty. But even with all that said, is it such a hard call for Arabs and Europeans to figure out on whose side they should be? Do these people really feel good about not lifting a finger?

'We in Iraq have a lot of disappointment with many of our neighbors,' Ghazi al-Yawar, Iraq's interim president, told me the other day while he was visiting Washington. President Yawar described Iraq's neighbors as sitting on a fence 'dangling their legs and munching on pistachios,' while 'the forces of darkness' try to rip Iraq to shreds. 'We do not understand why a vicious suicide bomber who claims the lives of innocent civilians is a terrorist in one country and in Iraq he becomes a freedom fighter,' added Yawar, a bright and decent man."

Friedman has always had a wide streak of know-it-all scold in him, but he's at his most insufferable when he spouts strawman stuff like this and then refuses to consider the obvious answers to his questions. Like, perhaps, maybe everyone wants to see the good guys--whoever the hell they are--win, but no one wants to join Team FUBAR to do it. George Bush is seen as the anti-Midas in huge swaths of the world right now, a nasty combination of incompetence, arrogance and duplicitousness. He insists on total control over everything, everything he touches turns to shit, and he's the one who always manages to dodge the consequences (Exhibit A: Tony Blair). No leader in his or her right mind is going to send their troops into the chaos that is Iraq.


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