Saturday, December 11, 2004

Kerik bows out

Given all the other skeletons tumbling out of his closet in recent days, it's a little like nailing Capone for tax evasion, but it'll do:

"Former New York top cop Bernard Kerik abruptly pulled his nomination as President Bush's new homeland security boss last night, saying he feared an embarrassing nanny scandal.

'I uncovered information that now leads me to question the immigration status of a person who had been in my employ as a housekeeper and nanny,' Kerik said in a statement.

'It has also been brought to my attention that for a period of time during such employment required tax payments and related filings had not been made.'

The bombshell decision caught the White House off-guard and sent Bush scrambling for a new candidate to run the sprawling bureaucracy of 22 federal agencies.

'I can't believe they let this [the nomination] through and didn't know about it,' a White House official complained of the political vetting process before nominations are made. 'They should have known about this.'"

I particularly liked the part about how he has "now" uncovered information leading him to suspect his nanny might be an illegal immigrant, presumably after leaving her in charge of his kids for who knows how long. Corrupt? Hypocrite? Incompetent? All of the above? Whatever. Actually, he sounds like the perfect Republican appointee to Homeland Security...

Addendum: Nanny, schmanny. Looks like the last straw was the arrest warrant.


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