Monday, December 06, 2004

Jon Stewart's 'America' Named Book of Year

"Jon Stewart's 'America (The Book),' the television commentator's million-selling riff on politics and other matters of satire, has been named Book of the Year by Publishers Weekly, the industry trade magazine.

In announcing the award Monday, Publishers Weekly called the book 'a serious critique of the two-party system, the corporations that finance it and the 'spineless cowards in the press' who 'aggressively print allegation and rumor independent of accuracy and fairness.'"

Stewart is the perfect contemporary embodiment of the historical court jester, the ostensible "fool" who got away with sticking it to The Man when no one else could. The Boy King and his court have given him four solid years of material, of course, but his primary target has always been the media. That it took them so long to catch onto that is an indication of just how witless and self-important they are.


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