Wednesday, December 08, 2004

John Snow to Remain U.S. Treasury Secretary

"John Snow, whose predicted departure created a parlor game of speculation in Washington this week, will remain U.S. Treasury secretary at the request of President George W. Bush, White House spokesman Scott McClellan said.

The Washington Post and New York Times both reported within the past 10 days that Snow was likely to be replaced, fueling talk about his possible successors. Snow will now remain in office as Bush prepares to elevate the role of the Treasury in a second-term agenda that includes extending $1.85 trillion in tax cuts, streamlining the 3,000-page tax code, and reinforcing Social Security.

The 65-year-old former railroad executive entered the Cabinet in February 2003, after Paul O'Neill was ousted two years ago this month after objecting to plans for an additional tax cut. Keen to avoid his predecessor's mistakes, Snow dropped the objections he had raised in the private sector to budget deficits and embraced Bush's policies. He helped the president win congressional support for a third round of tax cuts in May 2003 and then toured the nation as an election-year salesman for Bush and the administration's economic record."

Every report I'd seen in recent days had him pegged as a dead man walking...hard not to conclude that the Bushistas had difficulties finding anyone else willing to trash his or her good name by peddling the administration's Alice-in-Wonderland economic policies for the next four years.


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