Sunday, December 26, 2004

Imagine that

Ex-hostage: Militants wanted Bush re-elected

"PARIS - French journalists held hostage for four months in Iraq said their militant captors told them they wanted President Bush to win re-election.

In a four-page account of their ordeal, one of the reporters, Georges Malbrunot, also wrote that they saw several other hostages who were later decapitated. The journalists said their captors viewed foreign businessmen working in Iraq as their enemies.

One of the captors from the group calling itself the Islamic Army in Iraq said Bush’s re-election would boost their cause, Malbrunot wrote in Friday’s edition of Le Figaro, the French daily he works for.

'We want Bush because with him the American troops will stay in Iraq and that way we will be able to develop,' Malbrunot cited the captor as saying."

You will be shocked, shocked to learn that the piece does not go on to get the reactions of the countless pundits at MSNBC, CNN et. al. who spent the election season talking out of their asses, insisting that OBL and the Iraqi insurgents were praying to Allah for a Kerry win.


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