Monday, December 06, 2004

Foriegn policies

McCain withholds approval of Rumsfeld

Powell Says Europe Must Reach Out to U.S. Too

Rumsfeld to stay at the Pentagon

I don’t think it’s possible to overstate the magnitude of John McCain’s service to the country in Viet Nam and the courage it must have taken to survive his ordeal in the POW camps following his capture. And to the extent he says anything, anytime that might annoy the Boy King and his minions, I’m happy to see him in front of a microphone. But frankly, he’s starting to make a habit of standing up to be counted as long as it’s not time to stand up and be counted. And where I'm from, we don't call those guys "mavericks," we call them weenies....

The juxtaposition of Powell’s remarks and the news of Rumsfeld’s retention last week was another classic illustration of the administration’s arrogant attitude toward the rest of the planet. The notion that Powell would be chiding the Europeans about not “reaching out” under any circumstances was a redefinition of the term “chutzpah,” but coupled with the announcement that Rummy would be staying on to charm our geopolitical partners in his inimitable way….These guys have got to come up with something for the rest of the world besides “You’ll take it and you’ll like it.” In case they haven’t noticed, the New American Century is off to a very bumpy start, and we’re going to need their cooperation on a variety of issues in the very near future.


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