Friday, December 03, 2004

Bush Says Iraqi Elections Should Not Be Postponed

"President Bush said Thursday that Iraq's scheduled Jan. 30 elections should not be postponed despite calls by some Iraqi politicians for a delay to improve security against a deadly insurgency.

'The elections should not be postponed. It's time for the Iraqi citizens to go to the polls and that's why we are very firm on the Jan. 30 date,' Bush said as he met Nigerian President Olusegan Obasanjo.

Several leading Sunni Arab parties have called for the elections to be postponed by up to six months. Many say they will boycott the polls if they are held in January. But majority Shi'ites want the elections to go ahead as scheduled.

The United States is sending extra U.S. troops to bolster security for the elections in the face of a determined insurgency trying to derail the polls with attacks against U.S. troops and Iraqi police.

At least 134 American troops were killed in Iraq in November, making it among the most deadly months of the war.

Bush said he approved the troop increase in response to a request by commanders on the ground.

'We want to help them have their presidential elections,' said Bush. 'And at some point in time, when Iraq is able to defend itself against the terrorists who are trying to destroy democracy -- as I have said many times -- our troops will come home with the honor they have earned.'"

Whenever you're trying to figure out why the Boy King is taking a particular position on anything, jump ahead to the next election cycle and build your timeline back from there. In this case, early elections--however much they defy reality and the will of Iraq's nominative leaders at this point--are essential to having a "Freely and Fairly Elected Iraqi Government" in place long enough so that the administration can blame them for the mess at midterms.


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