Friday, November 12, 2004

What Will He Say at Bob Jones U.?

David Gergen, who I usually respect as a voice of reason in the right-center band of the political spectrum, gets all schoolmarm on an audience at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island last night:

“’We have to understand each other better than we do,’ said Gergen, referring to red and blue America. For the nation to move forward at what he termed a critical time in its history, U.S. voters must ‘grow up’ and get away ‘from the petty passions of the moment.’


Lecturing blue-state voters, Gergen said Democrats must understand that most of red-state nation believes as passionately in religion and traditional cultural values as, say Red Sox nation believes in its baseball team.


’There is a tendency in the Northeast to describe all these people as yahoos,’ said Gergen. ‘Let’s not write these people off as yokels and crazies…there are crazies on both sides.’”

Via The Providence Journal (registration required)

With all due respect, Mr. Gergen, you’re overlooking an important point here. The crazies on our side of the aisle aren’t running the government or shaping administration policy in crucial ways. Once you finish scolding Tom DeLay for systematically undermining representative democracy in Texas, Bill Frist for threatening to catapult right-wing activist judges to the bench by killing off filibustering, Alberto Gonzales for trashing international law and Grover Norquist for suggesting that members of the minority party are best suited to be house pets, then we can talk about coming together. Until then, I would respectfully suggest that it ain’t the Blues that have some growing up to do.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is no one to respect on the right center band of the political spectrum, let alone Reagan ass wipe Gergen. Save your breath.

4:16 PM  

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