Monday, November 22, 2004

This should be interesting

Hawks push deep cuts in forces in Iraq

"A growing number of national security specialists who supported the toppling of Saddam Hussein are moving to a position unthinkable even a few months ago: that the large US military presence is impeding stability as much as contributing to it and that the United States should begin major reductions in troops beginning early next year.

Those arguing for immediate troop reductions include key Pentagon advisers, prominent neoconservatives, and some of the fiercest supporters of the Iraq invasion among Washington's policy elite.

The core of their arguments is that even as the US-led coalition goes on the offensive against the insurgency, the United States, by its very presence, is stimulating the resistance.


Even leading war supporters such as Max Boot, an influential neoconservative thinker derided by critics as one of those who believe the United States must stick it out for an undetermined amount of time, contends that the US presence is beginning to threaten long-term goals.

'This is turning out to be a lot harder than anyone expected -- and harder than it needed to be,' Boot said last week."

Up to 50,000 more US troops needed in Iraq: Senator McCain

"Arizona senator John McCain told NBC television that as many as 50,000 more US soldiers will have to be sent to Iraq.

'We still need more troops. We still need more people there,' US Senator John McCain told NBC television Sunday.

When asked how many additional forces would have to be deployed, the maverick Republican senator answered 'I would say at least 40,000 or 50,000 more,' adding that it will likely also be necessary to increase the size of the army and the marine corps.

'I believe those reports of those young Marines that said, 'Look unless we keep a significant presence here, (the insurgents) are going to filter back in', McCain said, but acknowledging that finding additional manpower 'is an enormous strain.' "

Shorter neocons: "We're bored and don't give a shit about the mess we're leaving. Besides, we need the bodies for our next Adventure in World Domination."

Shorter McCain: "I don't have a chance in '08 if we fuck this up."


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shorter dr. bloor: hey, look at me, I write a blog

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shortest dr. bloor, you suck

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