Monday, November 29, 2004

Payback time, indeed

These guys can't get enough air time to suit me:

Evangelicals to Bush: Payback Time

"Among some conservative Christians, there is a belief that President Bush received a 'moral mandate' to win the recent presidential election — and they are calling on him to act on their agenda now.

'I believe Our Lord elected our president and I believe he put him in office and it is my prayer that he will sustain him in office,' said one woman at the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Another was asked if she believed that God intervened in the election. 'Absolutely,' she said.


By one measure, conservative Christians comprised 12 percent of the electorate this year — the same as four years ago. But they see themselves as a crucial piece of the president's political base.

They believe that if their agenda is not implemented quickly — if their concerns are not addressed in a timely fashion — God will be angry.

One leading evangelist recently warned, 'God's patience runs out.'"

Are you listening, Mr. President? Senator Frist? Rep. Hastert? That's your mandate calling, and now that you're running the show, they want action on that morality platform you said you'd deliver during the campaign. Let's get busy!

Or, do you really not give a shit about them now that you've pocketed their votes?


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