Tuesday, November 23, 2004

General J.C. Christian, where are you?

Rifle raffle to raise funds for school security

"LAMPASAS - Hoping to raise enough money to fence in a portion of a school in this Hill Country town, a local group is holding a raffle featuring a deer rifle.

'We're moms using guns as tools to protect our kids,' said Marta Ellison, a member of the Hanna Springs Intermediate School Parent-Teacher-Student Organization and part of the trio that put the raffle together. They've set out to raise the $15,000 or so.

'Bake sales are a thing of the past,' she said.

Lampasas school Superintendent Carlton Tucker said he's gotten only one comment about the propriety of using guns to raise money for a school project.

'I'm not aware of any widespread concerns,' Tucker told The Dallas Morning News. 'It appears to me to be generally supported. And knowing our PTSOs, they think long and hard about any project and would never do anything adverse to the best interest of our children.'

Last year, students at the Hanna Springs Intermediate School campus -- a third- through sixth-grade school -- were jogging around the hilltop campus for physical education class when a registered sex offender stopped one girl and began talking to her. A teacher recognized the man and shooed him away."

Apparently, the parents are betting that the winner will be a psychotic hunter rather than a pedophile with a grudge.


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