Friday, November 19, 2004

Department of Really Duh

Treasury Warns of Lack of Faith in Tax Code

"Many Americans do not believe the U.S. tax code is fair, and efforts to overhaul the system in the Bush administration's second term should help improve compliance, Deputy Treasury Secretary Samuel Bodman said on Thursday.

Bodman, the second-in-command at the Treasury Department, said the tax system was widely perceived as too complicated and too easily manipulated.

'Too many people perceive the tax system as unfair -- believing that their neighbors are able to reduce their taxes through a maze of loopholes and clever tax planning,'Bodman said in prepared remarks for delivery at a Tax Foundation conference in Washington."

Jeebus, where would anyone get a crazy idea like that? Wait, wait....I know. Yeah. The Boy King spent the campaign season hammering the point home to the American public:

"When they say, 'tax the rich,' those are the folks who have got the accountants to see to it they don't pay tax, so guess who gets stuck with the bill? You're going to get stuck with the bill." (Columbus, Ohio, 8/5/04)

Sadly, it is unlikely that any of the reforms under consideration involve the administration's mass resignation.


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